MPU SPEED 1 Min. / 5 Min.

Two-Component Instant Adhesive

MD PU SPEED is a two-component instant adhesive. The mixing ratio is regulated automatically.

  • Bonds many materials in a very short time
  • Reaches extremely high strength in a very short time
  • Repairs to plastic parts is possible

MD PU SPEED is non-drip and weather and ageing-resistant. Reworking such as grinding, drilling and thread-cutting is possible after just a few minutes.

Areas of application:
MD PU SPEED is used for repairing broken plastic parts (thermoplastics and duroplastics), bumpers, bucket seats and roof racks.

Item No. MPU.S25 1 min.    | 25 g | double syringe | unit 10 pcs. / display
Item No. MPU.S50 1 min.    | 50 g | double cartridge | unit 12 pcs. / display
Item No. MPU.S400 1 min.  | 400 g | cartridge | unit 6 pcs.
Item No. MPU.L.S25 5 min. | 25 g | double syringe | unit 10 pcs. / display
Item No. MPU.L.S50 5 min. | 50 g | double cartridge | unit 12 pcs. / displayy

1 min.
5 min.
Selection table for 2K
2K Produkte in Displays
We supply our 2K products in displays 25 g with 10 pieces,
50 g with 12 pieces.


For extremely rapid bonding and repair of metal, wood and especially plastics.

  • Potlife: 60 - 80 sec.
  • Time to reworkability: appr. 30 min.
  • Full curing time: appr. 2 hours
  • Full curing after 24 hours
  • Temperature resistance: from -40°C to +120°C, short term to +150°C
  • Good chemical resistance

Item No. MPU.P.S25  | 25 g | double syringe | unit 10 pcs. / display
Item No. MPU.P.S50  | 50 g | double cartridge | unit 12 pcs. / display


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