MD POX 5 minutes / 30 minutes

Two-component epoxy resin adhesive

MD POX is a very reactive chemical compound. After mixing, the two-component adhesive achieves extraordinary strength. For bonding metals, ceramics, glass, stone and many hard plastics. For many on-the-spot repairs with high quality and little effort. Easy handling thanks to the automatically regulated two-nozzle system.m.

  • Achieves extremely high strength
  • Universally applicable
  • Weatherproof
  • Hardening in 5 or 30 minutes also suitable as a casting compound
  • Working life: available in 5 or in 30 minutes


MD POX remains stiffly flexible and can therefore guarantee permanent rigidity in case of impacts or vibration.

Processing information:
The bonding surfaces must be clean, oil and grease free (e.g. with Marston Cleaner). Excellent results are obtained by a mechanical roughening of the adhesion surfaces. (Insert the cartridge into the dispensing gun and then close only 50 g, 400 g.) Twist off cap, attach and tighten the mixing nozzle. Push the material out (with the dispensing gun 50 g, 400 g) and discard the first 2 g, as they are not yet mixed at 1:1. Setting time can be curtailed at high temperatures. Join work pieces together and fix. Store opened cartridge in a cool, dry place.

Item No. MPO.S25 5 Min.          | 25 g | dual injektion | unit 10 pcs. / display
Item No. MPO.S25-BK 5 Min.    | 25 g | dual injektion/blister card | unit 8 pcs.
Item No. MPO.S50 5 Min.          | 50 g | dual injektion | unit 12 pcs. / display
Item No. MPO.S400 5 Min.        | 400 g | dual injektion | unit 6 pcs.
Item No. MPO.L.S25 30 Min.     | 25 g | dual injektion | unit 10 pcs. / display
Item No. MPO.L.S50 30 Min.     | 50 g | dual injektion | unit 12 pcs. / display
Item No. MPO.L.S400 30 Min.   | 400 g | dual injektion | unit 6 pcs.

POX 5 min.
POX 30 min.
POX 5 Minuten 25 g Blisterkarte
MPO.S25 blister card
POX 5 Minuten 25 g Blisterkarte
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