MD Activator No. 9 for CA adhesives

Cleans and degreases parts and accelerates the hardening of CA adhesives. Bonds within 1-4 seconds depending on the CA adhesive as well as the gap between the parts and the room temperature.

Item No. MAC.A9.Y150 spray tins á 150 ml unit 6

MD Primer No. 7

PP, PE, silicone and Teflon® cannot be bonded together without prior treatment. Bonding materials only with adhesive and not with a primer achieves adherence but no firm bonding. The primer permits polyolefins (polyethylene, polypropylene), PTFE, silicones and other difficult-to-bond materials to be bonded together.

Application: Apply a thin layer of primer to the surfaces to be bonded and allow to dry for several seconds. Apply the adhesive and press the parts together. Bonds after 1-2 minutes. Final hardness is achieved after 24 hours.

Item No. MAC.P7.Y15 glass bottle with spray head á 15 ml unit 25
Item No. MAC.P7.F15 glass bottle with brush á 15 ml unit 25

MD Hardening accelerant

Marston-Domsel’s hardening accelerant ensures even faster hardening of MG-GLUE instant adhesive. Mainly use for instant adhesives with higher viscosities.

Removes contamination and oil/grease from surfaces to be bonded using a product such as Marston Cleaner. Apply the MD-activator for CA by spraying it on to one surface to be bonded. Apply adhesive to the other side and press the parts together immediately.

Item No. MAC.Y15 glass bottles with spray head á 15 ml unit 25

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